About Us

Hello, Future Snatchbae Baby’s…
I'm Talesha Stewart owner of Snatchbae Esthetics. I would like to take you back to the age of 13 when I sat down with my parents and told them about my dream of becoming a Full Cosmetologist, Esthetician, and Cosmetology Educator and having a full-service salon spa. At that time I knew nothing about body contouring or lymphatic treatments but I knew everything about hair, makeup, skin, toes, and nails lol… However, I did follow my childhood dreams of becoming everything I named above.
In the last twenty years, I've owned and managed 3 salons and I've enjoyed every moment of it! After retiring from that portion of my life, I decided to get more involved with body contouring and lymphatic's due to year's of personal struggles with my hormones, weight, and body image. My passion is to help woman feel good about themselves and help them through whatever goal they have set to better their body image. Needless to say, I became Certified in Lymphatics and Body Contouring and that is how Snatchbae Esthetics was birthed.
Here at Snatchbae Esthetics
we specialize in Lymphatic treatments for Post Op Plastic Surgery Patients who has had liposuction, tummy tucks, bbl etc. We also offer painless non invasive Shrink services to help woman with stubborn body fat and lessen loose skin and cellulite issues. We have packages set up to make your process more affordable, smooth, and easy while your on your journey to becoming a better you! Our interest is in you receiving THE BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE!
Thanks in advance for Choosing to become a Snathbae Baby!