1. How do I choose my correct size when purchasing this faja?

Note: Take in consideration that everybody has their own size chart. For our faja’s you have to use a tape measurer and measure around the widest portion of you butt and hips and smallest part of you waist which is usually right above the navel area of the waistline, or where you waistline dips in the smallest, which is usually in the middle portion of the waist. To get your correct size if you measure in between sizes we recommend using the larger size. Use our measurement Chart guide on our website to guide you to you correct size for our faja’s.

2. Can I work out in the faja?

Yes but make sure you faja fit is a comfortable fit, yet still supports you well.

3. Can I alter my faja if my hips are much larger than my waist?

Yes it is recommended not to take more than 4 inches out of the waistline of the faja note: that the faja will me harder to pull up once taken in but it is possible to get it pulled up.

4. How do I choose what style faja to buy for my body type or surgery type that I received?

Take into consideration where you have fat or where you had it removed from, and make sure you compress those areas with the faja you buy. For example, if you have under arm fat or back fat or had it removed from those areas, then you need to buy a faja that compresses underneath the underarm and upper back.

5. How do I know my butt will fit into the butt part of the faja?

Our faja’s are designed to fit around the butt cheeks underneath And on top of the butt cheek and around the hips it also has a cup shape and soft stretchy material to allow the butt and hips to expand out so that the material will not flatten it or overly squeeze and change the hip and butt shape. Note this faja will lift the butt and add more shape and curves to the body.

6. Should I get a zipper faja or hooks?

It’s a matter of preference, both are made for firm stage 2 compression. The waistline of zipper faja is easier to put on if you have have a larger and/ or hanging stomach area. The zipper faja is usually faster to fasten. Both fajas are long lasting and has great compression. The faja with hooks gives 2-3 inches of loosen room meaning you can adjust it in tighter and I shrink smaller.

7. I'm interested in ordering your faja for waist training, but I’ve never had surgery Will your faja still be a good purchase for me?

These fajas are perfect for waist training and can also help with portion control while wearing them.

8. What is the shipping time?

you can calculate in the period of 7 Business days.

9. Are these stage 2 Compression Garments?

Yes these faja garments are for two week post op clients or greater, these garments are also for clients who have not had surgery, but want to look a little smaller, and smoother in their clothing and loose inches with the proper diet and exercise while on their weight loss journey.

10. Are these faja’s considered to be High Compression Garments?

Yes these garments are made to be used as early as 2 weeks after having plastic surgery all the way til you are healed. These faja garments are also used to give more shape to the body for both surgical and non surgical clients.

11. Why do the faja look so small?

Our faja have Firm compression and is made to stretch which makes it look smaller when it’s off the body.

12. How do I use the bathroom in this Garment.

Our garments has an opening in the crouch that allows for easy bathroom use, mostly for urine purposes.

13. Do your faja’s have rods in them?

No our faja’s are stage 2 compression garments, which has firm yet comfortable compression that can be worn for hours, and still help shape the body without being in discomfort or pain.

14. Does it matter what length faja I use?

Yes if you had a Brazilian Butt Lift, Arm Lift, 360 liposuction, Tummy Tucks, or Thigh liposuction u want to cover those areas to help compress and shape while healing.
No if you haven’t had surgery it is what’s more comfortable to you, however keep in mind what type of attire u wear mostly and what area you want to look the most smooth and slim in before choosing your desired style faja.

15. How do I fasten my faja by myself without help if I have a large belly?

Stand in front of a long mirror so you can see your reflection as you close in your hooks/ zipper.

16. Are these Columbian fajas?

Yes. Our faja garments are made with soft breathable lined material inside called Comfort Lycra and built with a Powernet compression material on the outer layer that will not irritate the skin or make you super hot yet still compress and shape you while wearing the faja.